Sports Day

Allama Iqbal’s Birth Anniversary
November 11, 2019
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

In order to make our students more energetic and academic session interesting, a sports day was organized on 17th Oct 2019. The college ground was decked with colorful balloons and flags. The principal Mrs. Fakhra Arshad inaugurated the sports day. The day comprised of multifarious events. The Judge for the event was Ms. Ruqiya (Director of Physical Education) from IMCG G-10/2. The day started with Badminton Competition. Some other competitions including Table Tennis, Shot put, Baton Race, Javelin Throw and long jump were also organized. Our zealous and energetic students gathered in the ground to support their athletes competing in different games. The teachers also participated in one of the games which was “spoon Race Holding Lemon”. The principal. Mrs. Fakhra Arshad lauded the sports day event and distributed prizes and certificates among the beaming winners. The mass students’ participation, lush green ground, a riot of hues, vibrancy euphonious sports beats and constant applause for players from the crowd embellished the event.

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