A main feature of IMCCG is its state-of-the-art computing and Internet services. The computer laboratory is equipped with latest Corei7 computers for student use. Our laboratory is connected to the College's Local Area Network. All software necessary for students to complete their courses, assignments and projects is available on all the computers.

Research is important factors in the learning process. For this reason IMCCG has linked its computer lab to the high speed internet to enable students to access information which will further help them in their studies.

The College Library contains an extensive range of both set texts and wider reading. There is a comprehensive business section, as well as a substantial range of journals, and magazines. On-line searching, educational CD Rom’s and Internet access all add to the user friendliness of this vital educational resource. The library is open to students during college timmings from Monday to Friday.

The college provides a variety of services to assist students in obtaining positions in public firms, accounting/ auditing, financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies etc. Quite a good number of B.Corn alumni have achieved positions of significance, authenticity and responsibility in various such organizations.

After passing B. Com. IT examination a candidate wishing to pursue her studies further may join Master of Commerce, Institute of Cost and Management Accounting of Pakistan (ICMAP), Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP), Master of Public Administration (MPA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICA), MA/Msc Economics or may join a bank and getting through the examination of Banking Council may attain respectable positions

Sports are very essential for the physical and mental development. There are many sports facilities provided to the students by the college. Games like hockey, badminton, table tennis, hand ball, cricket, volley-ball etc are played by the students. The college volley-ball, hand ball, and table tennis teams participated in the Interboard and Punjab University competitions, showing good results.

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The college helps in providing the students with pick-and-drop service. The consolidated transport system makes the students convenient and comfortable to avoid hurries and worries of unnecessary transport problems.