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History of the School

Technical/ professional education is gaining importance in the present day world. Women play a great role in the development and progress of societies through their potential of shouldering and sharing all kinds of responsibilities along with men. The need is to see that they are fully qualified and competent to play their part in various branches of economic life.

Facilities of commerce education for women in the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad were not available until 1992. Numerous requests were received from girl students and their parents to start an institution exclusively for female student with commerce classes.

Considering the pressing demands of students/ parents and the challenging requirements of the current time could not be ignored, Government of Pakistan decided to start I-Commerce and B-Commerce classes in IMCG F-8/1. In September 1994 the college was shifted and started functioning in its own building under the name of Islamabad Commerce College for Women, F-10/3.

Business education covers a wide range of applied disciplines but due to various constraints college could single out its programmes for Principles of Accounting, Advance Accounting, Cost Accounting, Auditing, Money banking and Finance, Mathematics, Tax, Law, Business Communication, Economics and Computer Studies along with the compulsory subjects like Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, English and Urdu.

The college has a fully equipped Computer Labs enriched with Pentium III and IV. College will soon be having another IT Lab, well equipped by 50 computers.

The qualified and experienced staff is imparting quality education in all the disciplines. The college not only aims at excelling students in the field of commerce and trade but also grooms them to become useful and responsible members of society.

Students are encouraged to fully participate in curricular as well as co-curricular activities.

Nations are competing with one another to harvest the fruits of Science and Technology. The progress and prosperity of a country is closely associated with the over all progress of its trade and industry, it demands a regular supply of qualified and competent professionals who are fully aware of the day to day requirements of modern world and can successfully deal with its problems.
Many people are still prejudice against the concept of female education and working women. Women constitute almost 50 percent of the total population remain deprived and ignored. However, new economic realities have forced them to come forward, join various professions and supplement their income to improve their living standard.
Realizing the need, Islamabad Commerce College for Women was established in 1992 to impart Commerce education to women in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Despite a number of difficulties it is progressing steadily.
Students are not only the assests but pride and honour of this college. It is hoped and prayed that our students will continue the good work and will always excel in curricular, as well as extra-curricular activities.

Principal, Prof Sabah Faisal

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the Institute is to pursue excellence in education acquiring talented faculty and providing an environment conducive to teaching and learning. Its graduates are expected to possess high professional competence combined with managerial skills, humanistic and moral qualities.

The educational philosophy of the Institute lays emphasis on the training of mind rather than stuffing it with an inert body of facts, on expanding the imagination of the students rather than making them tread the well-worn and outmoded grooves of thought. Guided by such convictions, the Institute educates its students by confronting them with real-life problems, and inculcating in them a problem-solving approach. They are encouraged to explore, to solve problems, to break new grounds and to cultivate leadership qualities.

At the moment, Pakistan is on the threshold of a major breakthrough in the techno-industrial fields and needs professionals with ability and vision to lead the way. The Institute aims at producing such professionals by setting up a strong base of education and research. It strives to produce graduates who can upgrade the existing enterprise and in whom professional excellence is inseparable from a commitment to the national ideals.


"To ensure that IMCCG emerges as a viable bank for future trade and commerce leaders on the fast expanding canvas of Pakistan"


"To provide quality education focusing the market trends and demands in the discipline of commerce"

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